Formulators have many options, but they face some challenges when producing high-protein bars and snacks.

Protein is hot with consumers, and manufacturers of bars and snacks are responding with many new alternatives on the market. Protein is associated with healthy lifestyles and helping to build muscles, among other benefits.

“Any pulse or ancient grain in a flaked, grit or flour form can be utilized to enhance the protein of a snack such as pressed bars, crackers or extruded snacks, to name a few examples,” said Jennifer Tesch, chief marketing officer, Healthy Food Ingredients

“Certain plant-based proteins in raw whole form such as legumes, may have strong flavor profiles. By utilizing a precooked option in flour or flaked form, these off-flavor notes can be reduced,” Ms. Tesch said.

A combination of proteins also can help bars maintain a soft, chewy texture during their shelf life.

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