HFI answers demand for healthy, clean-label oils with its non-GMO corn oil

Healthy Food Ingredients’ (HFI) answer to increasing demand for healthy, natural oils is its Non-GMO Project Verified corn oil.

As consumers have been looking for foods that are clean label and minimally processed, there has been increased demand by manufacturers for healthier alternatives in oils. “HFI introduced the first Non-GMO Project Verified corn oil to the industry. With increased capacity we are pleased to offer additional availability with supply assurance,” explains Jennifer Tesch, HFI Chief Marketing Officer.

Of USA origin, HFI’s corn oil is expeller pressed which is a mechanical process. In contrast, many conventional oils are extracted using chemical solvents, such as hexane. The oil is then naturally refined, bleached and deodorized.

Due to its excellent frying quality, pleasing taste and high levels of polyunsaturated fats, corn oil is ideal for many applications including snack food, baking, food service and retail bottling.

Other expeller oils offered by HFI include canola, sunflower, flax and coconut.