Innovating with grains

Healthy Food Ingredients (HFI), Fargo, ND, has continued to focus new opportunities on its heritage grains such as spelt. “Interest in using spelt in multiple applications continues to grow. The greatest number of product launches we have seen is in bread and baked goods, but there are even chocolate confectionary items on the market that use puffed spelt. Spelt offers the benefits of being an ‘ancient grain,’  yet it is more cost-effective than some of the alternatives in that category,” notes Joni Huffman, senior vice president of sales and marketing. Healthy Food  Ingredients offers spelt in a number of different formats, including spelt flour, whole berries, and flakes.

Huffman also notes that HFI is working with snack customers using blue emmer. “Blue emmer is a wheat variety that, true to its name, has a grayish-blue shade and is quite unique in flavor and appearance. It makes a wonderful artisan whole-grain bread and can be used in crackers or multigrain products.” Both of these ingredients are whole grains, which contributes significantly to multiple health benefits, such as gut and heart health.

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