Long known as a supplier of key nutrients, baked goods are showing why they are built for it

There may not be a better food category to fortify than bakery products. According to Euromonitor International, baked goods is one of the largest packaged food categories with retail volume sales reaching about 160 million tons in 2017. Bread dominates with about 131 million tons, and Euromonitor projects global baked goods retail sales volume to reach about 177 million tons by2022.

In the past, food fortification has been used to prevent micronutrient malnutrition, but today, food fortification is used to improve health and wellness. By increasing a baked good’s better-for-you attributes, fortification provides avenues for manufacturers to add value to their product categories.

Ancient grains and clean label plant proteins are just some of the ingredients that attract the interest of consumers searching for clean labels. Healthy Food Ingredients (HFI) offers ancient grains, cereal grains, grains, flax, oils, pulses and soybeans, along with Suntava Purple Corn and IntegriPure to diversify fortification abilities.

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