Old grains, new formats bring innovation

“Our Suntava Purple Corn as well as red quinoa, red sorghum and black rice are excellent options to incorporate color in whole form and further processed into grits, puffs and flakes,” said Joni Huffman, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Healthy Food Ingredients.

Blending can also help round out the strong flavors of certain grains and make them more palatable. For example, quinoa and amaranth have robust nutty flavors that might be desirable for a certain application while millet and sorghum impart a milder flavor. Teff features a sweeter flavor profile. Rye adds a lot of flavor to baked foods but, as Huffman put it, a little goes a long way. These can be blended with other grains to either highlight their flavors or mellow them out, depending on the final goal and target consumer.

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