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Welcome to the diverse – and growing – HFI family of brands. Though each fulfills a specialty niche, we’re united by similar values, qualified growers, ingredient expertise and a passion for providing healthy ingredients and products, customized to your needs. Together, we are stronger. Always, we provide reliable solutions and responsive service.

SK Food International

True to its name, SK Food International is an experienced domestic and international specialty ingredient provider. Founded in 1990, SK Food provides premium-quality, identity preserved ingredients from around the world for diverse production and mitigated risk.

Hesco/Dakota Organic Products

Hesco/Dakota Organic Products provides specialty ingredients sourced with one degree of separation from the farm. Over the past two decades, it has grown into a robust and highly experienced solutions provider of cereal grains from the heart of the U.S. grain belt. Our offerings include grains and natural grain-based products for both the food and pet food industries.

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Suntava purple corn grains

Cultivated from ancient strains of Andean maize, Suntava Purple Corn® is nature’s healthiest, highest-antioxidant corn. It is used as an ingredient in functional foods, beverages, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals, and as a natural colorant. Suntava was founded in 2007 when developers took their knowledge of maize strains and traditional sustainable farming methods to create new non-GMO and organic varieties.

Heartland Flax

As a leading expert and manufacturer of flax, including milled flax and oil, Heartland Flax brings the numerous health benefits of flax to consumers. Heartland Flax offers a validated 5-log micro-reduction process and innovative milling capabilities in an allergen-free facility.

Signature Products

Suntava Puple Corn

Suntava Purple Corn®

The vivid color of Suntava Purple Corn means it’s full of health-promoting anthocyanins, polyphenols and other antioxidants. It is an ideal natural ingredient for wholesome, great-tasting foods, snacks, beverages and more.

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Made from an innovative, gluten-free blend of ancient grains, AncientGrisps offer a sweet, nutty taste. Their neutral flavor gives them multiple applications in cereals, snack foods, confectionary, energy bars, granolas, and as a crunchy topping.

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“Using Suntava Purple Corn is a huge marketing opportunity. We like the health benefits and the uniqueness of the product.”

- Large Food Manufacturer
“Using Suntava Purple Corn is a huge marketing opportunity. We like the health benefits and the uniqueness of the product.” - Large Food Manufacturer