Partner with HFI to ‘tell your story’

At the upcoming Natural Products Expo West show held in Anaheim, CA, March 5-9, 2019, Healthy Food Ingredients will be encouraging manufacturers to partner with HFI to tell their story and connecting show attendees to the farm.

“Our customers have their own stories to tell and share what they’re passionate about, whether that’s regenerative agriculture, sustainability, certified transitional production or connecting with the growers producing the ingredients that go into their finished products,” notes Jay Johnson, HFI Chief Operating Officer.

HFI supports the sustainable agriculture movement by partnering with a multi-national customer on a project in which HFI is the first North American commercial processor of the perennial grain, Kernza®.   “This partnership has allowed our customer to tell the story of Kernza and its regenerative properties including a reduced carbon footprint,” says Johnson.

Another one of HFI’s customers, an up-and-coming organic and all-natural food manufacturer, was introduced to the farming family who grows organic black beans used in the manufacturer’s finished products. Johnson notes, “this manufacturer wanted to share their connection to the grower with their consumers and we were excited to be able to foster that relationship.”

HFI was the first ingredient supplier and processor to become certified transitional in support of its well-known customer, a maker of whole grain cereals and other plant-based foods, who is passionate about promoting and increasing the number of certified organic acres with domestic growers.

“Partnering with our customers in this way really brings to life our mission of connecting farmers to the foods that nourish and sustain our lives. Indeed, we are making healthier happen,” comments Johnson.

Johnson adds, “we look forward to starting the conversation at Expo West and talking to manufacturers about their passion and how we can create partnerships to tell their story.”

In HFI’s booth there will be live crops growing in soil including harvested grains and pulses people can touch to connect to the farm. Attendees can pick up planting seed packets to plant their own “seeds of sustainability.”

HFI will be exhibiting at Natural Products Expo West in booth #1813.