Questions arise as non-GMO and BE co-exist

The entire portfolio of ingredients within Healthy Food Ingredients, Fargo, ND, either are certified non-GMO and/or organic, said Jennifer Tesch, chief marketing officer. The portfolio includes pulses, soybeans, cereal and ancient grains, seeds, flax, expeller-pressed oils, and Suntava Purple Corn.

HFI uses Non-GMO Project verification.

“At the time we became verified, we had already been supplying non-GMO ingredients for nearly 20 years, which included GMO testing,” Ms. Tesch said. “Similar to our organic certification, our Non-GMO Project verification provides our customers with third-party verification with an accredited organization.”

She expects the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard act to help educate consumers.

“As consumers are becoming more aware of labeling and regulatory guidelines, the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard may further consumer education on the differences between GMO and non-GMO ingredients, which allows consumers to make a concerted choice as to the types of products they wish to purchase,” Ms. Tesch said. “We believe it will create more transparency and education to consumers.”

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