What’s old is new again: finding opportunities for ancient grains and heirloom seeds

Overall, the industry has experienced an increase in interest and demand for heirloom grains and seeds since the start of the pandemic.  Jennifer Tesch, chief marketing officer, Healthy Food Ingredients, explains, “We have seen continued demand for amaranth, buckwheat and quinoa and a resurgence in interest in sorghum, flax, and millet specifically. With more people eating and cooking at home, consumers are leading manufacturers to look for unique ways to utilize heirloom type grains.  We see demand for blends in whole grain form and further processed into a multi-grain flour blend, for example, to maximize inclusion. Heirloom and ancient grains play into a whole grain, gluten-free trend while encompassing a clean and simple label.

Through HFIMarketplace.com, we are supporting smaller bakers and manufacturers to utilize heirloom and ancient grains and seeds including quinoa, flax and chia for just-in-time product.”

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